Monday, July 30, 2012

Our next step for 2012

Community Creators:
All Action Projects
·         Design badges
·         Logo
·         Redesign wall display
·         Blog update
Next step: Develop an action plan for our ‘Now’ activities
We are looking after
·         the library space
What could be done in this space?
·         plan of the library
·         look at plans of other libraries
·         couches – ask locals in newsletter
·         cushions
·         look after the furniture and books
·         bright colours
·         changeable space
·         a reading space
·         xbox Kinect put back in library
·         duty roster to look after

Short term
·         Screen
·         More tables
·         Pictures of us on walls
·         update the magazines
·         get more books / new books
·         more tables – change height and shape – look in catalogue for design ideas / make own to suit purpose
·         sit and play board games and store them in here
·         present to BOT
·         clean shelves
Long term
·         games / storage / library of board games
·         relaxing with music / stories to listen to / radio
·         laptops / computers
·         display space that can change eg nature table / books
·         organise our systems
·         rugs to add interest and separate spaces
We are also looking after:
·         the tremendous area – look at this area as we move into summer
·         seating outside – look at this area as we move into summer

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We are now no longer the 'Hydroponics Experts.' We are thinking we will be called the 'Community Creators'.
We are now in charge of creating a relaxing learning space for everyone in our school. This will include finishing off the Treemendous space out side the office and making the library a cool relaxing place eg putting in couches and moving the tv and getting new books. We will be planning with Mrs Minnaar and Mrs Fielder tomorrow.