Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Newsletter writing - week 4

Action projects
Our long term goal is to get the library finished and restocked it with books.
We are proud to be getting the library well under way.
What we have been up to...
Sorting out the Whanau Group enterprise, getting the library tidied.
This term our short term goal is also to get our Whanau Group enterprise ready. We are making pesto to sell at the Feilding Market.
Our next steps with our enterprise is to get all ingredients and complete the cooking.
Thanks to Mrs McCarroll and Mrs fielder for offering to help us with our enterprise

Team players of the week.
Damian and Lacey ... because they both listened really well this week and were working as a team.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


On the last week of last term there was the opening ceremony. The Hydro Rangers, the Expert Plantagators and the Waste Busters each had something to share. Afterwords there was a brilliant lunch provided by the Bon Apiti commite and June. There were triple layer sandwiches, apple shortcake, fruit kebabs and muffins.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The new ottoman

As you all know our group has been trying to make the library more exciting ... well we have we got the new Ottoman! We also got a table for inside the Ottoman. It has already been a very popular place to do our maths at and spend morning tea and lunch.
Our group would like to thank A.S.S.A for letting us buy this for our library and we would like to thank Huntah and Jaycee for helping us rarry the Ottoman in! Now we are labeling all of our shelves in our new colours. Come and have a look.
And thank you all for supporting our library.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our recent projects include science projects which Zahn and David did together and Lacey did with Charlotte. Zahn and David's is called 'Corrosion Concoctions' and Lacey and Charlotte's is 'Crackly Crackle'.

We would like to send out special thank you's to these people ... Mr and Mrs Vickers for over looking the sanding, Mrs Mickinon and Mrs McCarroll for helping with painting and a massive thank you to Mark, from Fonterra, for supplying flavored milk cartons for Conservation day.

We recently visited Manchester, Tiritea and Mt Biggs libraries. We got a lot of great ideas. We made a presentation to ASSA to ask them for their support to help us make our library a better place to learn in. Now we are able to go ahead with our plan. We are regrouping and relabeling all of our books. We will get a new couch and table. We are looking forward to seeing our finished product.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinata technology

We decided to make a pinata as our teacher smashed a really cool one while she was away. We also wanted the chocolate and candy as I love lollies.
To get our design we went on to Google images and, after a great deal of scrolling, we discovered the perfect pinata ... an OWL. It looked so awesome we immediately said, "let's do this one."
After that we made a brainstorm to ensure that we had the skill level, resources and time available.
We got the balloon and co-co leader, David and his deputy, Damian started the long job of paper mache-ing. They kept dipping paper into glue and sticking it on ... until the balloon, as it dried, started to combust and combust and combust ... until it shriveled up like a hedgehog. So we decided to modify our plan. It is now not an owl but its a hedgehog. We stuck pointy bits of cardboard on until it resembled a hedgehog.
Zahn is proud of how he got the group working together well.
Lacey is proud of how our pinata looks and how its kinda turning out.
David is proud of how he and Damian worked together and got a lot done on the pinata.
Now it's time to paint.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

library steps

 The things we need to do for the library are
1.plan of library.
2.New furniture.
3.look at rugs.
4.new games for x-box.
5.Move a shelf.
6. filter the books (fiction,nonfiction,picture)
7. get a hot chocolate machine

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our pinata

Our pinata is now a hedgehog. It started off as an owl but if it was then it would have been a malformed owl. The balloon that was shaping our owl popped and now it looks like a hedgehog. So we decided to modify our plan! So were starting to put spikes on it. We really hope our pinata turns out right :)

starting on the liabrary

We have just started on the liabrairy we have moved the computer and the tv and we measured the carpet length we are soon going to look at the other Liabrary's and on the way back we will get the new Color full carpet for our liabrary and we have also painted our new reading table for our reading area in the liabrary.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

sprucing up the libary

We are planning to spruce up the library. First we have got to visit libraries around the Manawatu and get ideas. Then we have got to visit a carpet store and pick some nice colours for carpet mats. Finally we have got to get some couches and cushions to make it a comfortable place that people want to be.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1/8/13 moving our kowhai

A little while ago we planted a kowhai  but we found out that it was getting very little sunlight and set to the job of moving it we ended up putting it just outside the gate of the woodshed and to give it nutriants we uses a little bit of mrs minars cow poo. Finally to finish it all of we feasted on carrots from our garden.

Monday, June 10, 2013


On Monday our whanau group planted three plants.
One of the plants are for the lamb and calf day.
It is a Kowhai. This will be judged on lamb and Calf day to see who's grew the tallest. to make this grow we will water it every second or third day and make sure it is in a sunny spot

Monday, May 6, 2013

We have made a plan for the library and we are soon going to start with that plan. In my group is me(Cole), Ben, Lacey and David. We are learning how to work together without fighting