Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinata technology

We decided to make a pinata as our teacher smashed a really cool one while she was away. We also wanted the chocolate and candy as I love lollies.
To get our design we went on to Google images and, after a great deal of scrolling, we discovered the perfect pinata ... an OWL. It looked so awesome we immediately said, "let's do this one."
After that we made a brainstorm to ensure that we had the skill level, resources and time available.
We got the balloon and co-co leader, David and his deputy, Damian started the long job of paper mache-ing. They kept dipping paper into glue and sticking it on ... until the balloon, as it dried, started to combust and combust and combust ... until it shriveled up like a hedgehog. So we decided to modify our plan. It is now not an owl but its a hedgehog. We stuck pointy bits of cardboard on until it resembled a hedgehog.
Zahn is proud of how he got the group working together well.
Lacey is proud of how our pinata looks and how its kinda turning out.
David is proud of how he and Damian worked together and got a lot done on the pinata.
Now it's time to paint.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

library steps

 The things we need to do for the library are
1.plan of library.
2.New furniture.
3.look at rugs. games for x-box.
5.Move a shelf.
6. filter the books (fiction,nonfiction,picture)
7. get a hot chocolate machine

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Our pinata

Our pinata is now a hedgehog. It started off as an owl but if it was then it would have been a malformed owl. The balloon that was shaping our owl popped and now it looks like a hedgehog. So we decided to modify our plan! So were starting to put spikes on it. We really hope our pinata turns out right :)

starting on the liabrary

We have just started on the liabrairy we have moved the computer and the tv and we measured the carpet length we are soon going to look at the other Liabrary's and on the way back we will get the new Color full carpet for our liabrary and we have also painted our new reading table for our reading area in the liabrary.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

sprucing up the libary

We are planning to spruce up the library. First we have got to visit libraries around the Manawatu and get ideas. Then we have got to visit a carpet store and pick some nice colours for carpet mats. Finally we have got to get some couches and cushions to make it a comfortable place that people want to be.