Monday, July 30, 2012

Our next step for 2012

Community Creators:
All Action Projects
·         Design badges
·         Logo
·         Redesign wall display
·         Blog update
Next step: Develop an action plan for our ‘Now’ activities
We are looking after
·         the library space
What could be done in this space?
·         plan of the library
·         look at plans of other libraries
·         couches – ask locals in newsletter
·         cushions
·         look after the furniture and books
·         bright colours
·         changeable space
·         a reading space
·         xbox Kinect put back in library
·         duty roster to look after

Short term
·         Screen
·         More tables
·         Pictures of us on walls
·         update the magazines
·         get more books / new books
·         more tables – change height and shape – look in catalogue for design ideas / make own to suit purpose
·         sit and play board games and store them in here
·         present to BOT
·         clean shelves
Long term
·         games / storage / library of board games
·         relaxing with music / stories to listen to / radio
·         laptops / computers
·         display space that can change eg nature table / books
·         organise our systems
·         rugs to add interest and separate spaces
We are also looking after:
·         the tremendous area – look at this area as we move into summer
·         seating outside – look at this area as we move into summer

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