Thursday, September 5, 2013


Our recent projects include science projects which Zahn and David did together and Lacey did with Charlotte. Zahn and David's is called 'Corrosion Concoctions' and Lacey and Charlotte's is 'Crackly Crackle'.

We would like to send out special thank you's to these people ... Mr and Mrs Vickers for over looking the sanding, Mrs Mickinon and Mrs McCarroll for helping with painting and a massive thank you to Mark, from Fonterra, for supplying flavored milk cartons for Conservation day.

We recently visited Manchester, Tiritea and Mt Biggs libraries. We got a lot of great ideas. We made a presentation to ASSA to ask them for their support to help us make our library a better place to learn in. Now we are able to go ahead with our plan. We are regrouping and relabeling all of our books. We will get a new couch and table. We are looking forward to seeing our finished product.

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